The 7 Zero

"The 7 Zero" elevators are residential lifts that have minimal construction requirements. “The 7 Zero" elevators are often easier and quicker to install than traditional residential elevators.

Flexible Solution That Unifies Form & Function:
  • Gearless Electric Traction
  • MRL/No Machine Room Required
  • Automatic Door Operation
  • European & India Safety Standard
  • 0.3 MPS Speed
  • Lift Shaft/ Steel Structure
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor
  • Noiseless
  • Jerk Free Ride/Coin Test
  • Tailormade Dimensions
  • Wide variety of Luxurious Cabin Designs


Capacity 4 Passenger/272 Kg
Max. Travel Height 12 Meters
Pit Depth 7 Inches(175mm) Pit/Step-Rise
Headroom "Zero"
Cabin Size 725(W)*1050(D)
Door Size 700(W)*2000(H)
Shaft Size 1350(W)*1350(D)
Door Type Telescopic Side Opening/Center Opening**