What are the Different Types of Traction and Hydraulic Lifts?

What are the Different Types of Traction and Hydraulic Lifts?

The presence of properly operational elevators in multi-storeyed commercial buildings as well as residential apartments is a must. Moving between different floors or levels quickly and conveniently would not have been possible without lifts. Residential elevators are highly beneficial for individuals with mobility limitations and disabilities. 

Contacting a leading lift manufacturing company can help you own and install luxury elevators in India in your commercial or residential space. However, having sound knowledge of the primary elevator types is judicious, including traction, hydraulic, vacuum and machine-room-less. Read on to learn about the main kinds of traction and hydraulic lifts.

Geared Traction Lift

The geared traction lift consists of a motor that comes with a gearbox. The gear is instrumental in powering the wheel responsible for the movement of the ropes. This sort of lift is capable of travelling at a speed of up to 500ft/min. 

Gearless Traction Lift

This type of elevator does not have a gear that can regulate the speed. Every skyscraper you see or visit nowadays consists of multiple gearless traction elevators. The sole reason is this kind of lift can travel at a rate of 2000ft/min. 

Roped Hydraulic Lift

A rope hydraulic lift utilises both ropes as well as a piston to improve the elevator car’s motion. Such a kind of hydraulic lift can move up to 60ft without any problem.

Conventional Hydraulic Lift

A conventional-style hydraulic elevator has a sheath extending below the floor of the elevator pit. The pit plays a crucial role in assisting a retracting piston when the lift starts going down. A conventional hydraulic lift in specific configurations needs a shallower hole beneath the pit, accepting a telescoping piston as the lift starts dropping. This hydraulic elevator can move up to 60ft.

Hole-less Hydraulic Lift

The only apparent difference between a conventional and hole-less hydraulic lift is the absence of a sheave or hole underneath the elevator pit. This type of hydraulic lift comes with telescoping pistons at the pit’s base. The maximum distance this elevator can travel is 50ft. 

Hydraulic ones are more popular than traction elevators because setting them up is easier and more affordable. In addition, hydraulic lifts require minimal maintenance and have excellent safety features.

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