What are the Essential Aspects to Know About Elevator Shafts?

What are the Essential Aspects to Know About Elevator Shafts?

Elevator shafts are an integral part of any multi-storey building project. Elevators are one of the most important areas of construction as they facilitate the safe transportation of people in high-rise structures. Besides buying an elevator from a branded lift company in India, it is crucial to keep track of the construction of the shaft.

Things to Know About Lift Shafts

Elevators facilitate swift transportation between floors in commercial buildings. They are also known as the backbone of any commercial or residential property. Note that the construction of the elevator shaft is always completed prior to other building tasks. The elevator shafts surround the elevator cab and machinery allowing for safe vertical passage throughout the structure.

It is crucial for you to build the elevator shaft by considering strict fire code requirements. Most commercial and residential buildings have sensors and smoke detectors inside the hoistways. Usually, the shaft is made of materials that are resistant to fire.

Materials Used for Elevator Shaft Construction

The materials used for the construction of an elevator shaft should be strong and durable. Usually, the shafts are built using concrete or steel. But steel is primarily used to render stability to the hoistway and the elevator car. It can also withstand seismic activities and is a practical solution for buildings in earthquake-prone zones.

Concrete Elevator Shaft

A concrete elevator shaft is mainly used in residential buildings due to its ability to absorb stress, vibration, and noise. A concrete shaft is developed to accommodate different elevator types. Typically, the best concrete shafts come with guide rail, emergency brakes, etc., to ensure the safety of the users.

Role of Shafts in Overspeed Protection

The shafts are integral to control the speed of an elevator car. The overspeed protection systems are installed within the shaft to prevent the car from plummeting down during mechanical failure. Some shafts also come with regenerative braking systems and energy-efficient lighting.

Before installing an elevator, it is essential to build a shaft. As one of the top escalator manufacturers in India, Hybon will provide the right inputs for shaft construction in a building. They are one of the top client-centric elevator companies in India.

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