What are the Essential Aspects to Learn About Vehicle Elevators?

What are the Essential Aspects to Learn About Vehicle Elevators?

Vehicle elevators are specialised lifts that can vertically transport cars between different floors of a building. Unlike normal elevators designed to carry people, these lifts carry cars and bikes. They are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of car models.

Car Lifts – What are They?

A vehicle elevator or a car elevator is a lift designed for the vertical transportation of vehicles inside buildings. With car elevators, a large number of vehicles can be parked in parking lots and garages. These specifically-designed elevators are optimising parking spaces in congested areas.

The Door-Opening Modes in Elevators Designed for Cars

In vehicle lifts, multiple door-opening modes are used to maximize space. The doors of a car lift feature multiple panels that fold or slide together when the lift reaches its destination. Moreover, they have emerged as an ideal solution to improve accessibility in public spaces. The common door-opening modes in car elevators are as follows.

  • Side opening
  • Centre opening
  • Split opening
  • Telescopic opening

Remarkable Characteristics of Car Elevators 

The best elevator company in Delhi equips vehicle lifts with modern and futuristic features like:

  • Availability of a wide range of doors
  • Full-length infrared door sensors
  • Emergency manual braking
  • Jerk-free ride
  • Overload alert with voice announcements
  • Voice-Enabled Emergency Backup System

What are the Safety Features in a Car Lift You Should Know?

Like any other machinery, car elevators can have certain risks when not used properly. So, these elevators are integrated with numerous safety features to prevent accidents and mishaps. For instance, any good quality car elevator comes with the following features.

Safety Sensors

The top car elevators have safety sensors that can accurately identify the obstructions present in the car’s path. If an obstacle is detected, the elevator will stop moving and prevent potential accidents.

Overload Protection Sensors

Car elevators are designed with overload protection systems. The main objective of these systems is to prevent the elevator from operating beyond the weight limit.

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