What are the Striking Differences between a Moving Walkway and an Escalator?

What are the Striking Differences between a Moving Walkway and an Escalator?

Technological advancements have been instrumental in transforming every sector and market. Every entity and individual can reap irrefutable benefits because of smart, cutting-edge machines, systems, devices, or equipment. The presence of functional escalators and moving walkways in various public places facilitate people to a great extent these days.

Apart from an escalator, a moving walkway does not let a person put in any effort in walking and covering a certain distance. Individuals with mobility issues find elevators, escalators, and moving walkways highly useful. Airports, railway stations, shopping malls, hospitals, etc., prioritise installing all these advanced conveyor systems. 

Here are the prime differences between moving walkways and escalators.

Speed and Flow

Escalators help people move vertically, and moving walkways are instrumental in displacing people horizontally, basically in a flat direction. Moving walkways function at a higher speed in comparison to an escalator. Therefore, you will find them more in busy places like airports and train stations. 


Compared to moving walkways, escalators are capable of transporting very few people. Escalators have less space than moving walkways. Moving walkways can be more extensive than escalators to displace more persons at a time. 

Safety Standard

All modern escalators come with a wide range of safety features, including steps that are skid-resistant, handrails, and safety sensors. On the other hand, the latest stationary walkways come with safety features such as handrails. However, the steps of these walkways are non-slippery and flat.


Moving walkways ensure more safety compared to modern escalators because people feel more comfortable with the lower inclination degree. There are no steps in moving walkways, and escalators have stair-like steps in an inclined way. 

You must know that multiple components of moving walkways as well as escalators are similar. Steps in moving walkways and escalators are the same thing that is the flat surface. Handrails are elongated bars running alongside the treads or steps. The presence of this in both escalators and moving walkways ensures the utmost stability for those who use them. 

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