Why Are Machine Room Less Elevators Popular These Days?

Why Are Machine Room Less Elevators Popular These Days?

Elevators of myriad varieties are available in the market today. Of all these types, Machine Room Less elevators are fast becoming the favourite choice of many.  Before you buy an elevator manufactured by a branded lift company in India, make sure to check the reasons for MRL lift’s popularity to pick wisely.

Space Saving

As the name suggests, the Machine Room Less Elevators lack the machine room. Traditionally, elevators used to have machine room with the central machinery that controlled the lift’s movement.

However, Machine Rooms often occupied a large area which used to be one of the difficulties for construction houses dealing with limited spaces. Both for offices and residential complexes, if the space is limited, installing lifts with machine rooms can be challenging.

 Therefore, the buildings that earlier skipped lift installation owing to a shortage of space for machine rooms, are now installing MRL elevators. No wonder, MRL elevators are becoming more popular with each passing day.

Does Not Require Hydraulic oil

Earlier, elevators used hydraulic oil for smooth longitudinalnavigation. But, this involved the risk of leakages. Plus, the use of hydraulic oil was also not a green choice.

Therefore, installation of MRL elevators meant no use of hydraulic oils and no risk of leakages. Thus, MRL elevators ruled out a lion’s share of the environmental concerns associated with elevator usage.

Saves Energy

The unique gearless traction design of the MRL elevators ensures that the lifts consume way less electricity. In short, MRL elevators are almost 50% more energy-efficient compared to their traditional counterparts. As a result, installing these lifts in buildings ensures that you get to save a lot of money by lowering the utility bills substantially.

Eco-friendly Choice

As already mentioned, MRL lifts consume less energy and do not require hydraulic oils to function optimally. Both these factors contribute substantially to making these elevators a greener choice.

With the world becoming more aware of the carbon footprints of human civilisation, MRL elevators are undoubtedly gaining more popularity due to their eco-friendly features.

Enhanced Safety

Machine Room Less elevators are as safe as the other lifts if not more. The absence of machine rooms does not impact the efficacy of these lifts in any way. These lifts operate safely and smoothly. For mid-rise buildings, these elevators often work more efficiently than the traditional ones.

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