5 Elevator Types: Which Industries Should Embrace This Technology?

5 Elevator Types: Which Industries Should Embrace This Technology?

Some 12 decades ago, the elevator market in India got introduced. Since then, lifts have simplified customers’ commercial or residential jobs. Besides enhancing independence and increasing mobility, it also accelerates certain in-house business processes. So, installing a lift is a prerequisite. Here are the five types of elevators that are popular these days.

#1 Capsule Lifts

Besides enhancing the aesthetics of a certain structure, capsule lifts are a predominant additionto residential buildings. Calling it an ideal alternative to traditional lifts is not an exaggeration. Besides its state-of-the-art design, capsule elevators include seamless and speedy installation.

These economical lifts enable smooth operation & efficient working procedures. Above all, it requires minimum maintenance. Ideal customers for these lifts include schools, residential complexes, villas, and farmhouses.

#2 Stretcher Lifts

These lifts can accommodate a raised stretcher with the patient lying horizontally. Built to accommodate hospital beds for emergency patients, these elevators are an ideal addition to hospitals. Also, the medical centres in Delhi that need crucial life-saving activities can consult an elevator company in Delhi for speedy installation.

#3 Dumbwaiter Elevators

Ever thought about how five-star restaurants or clubs serve food and beverages so speedily? There’s no denying the contribution of dumbwaiter lifts. These elevators are suitable for restaurants, hotels, clubs, and party halls. The purpose of installing them is to enable a seamless and quick service of eatables based on the shaft size.

#4 Freight or Goods Lifts

A freight elevator simplifies the process of transporting goods within the wearable industry. Such a lift offers an intuitive and user-friendly design. These lifts carry heavier loads. Their design can withstand adverse working conditions in India.

#5 MRL Lifts

Considering India’s weather conditions, Machine Room Less lifts cater to medium-rise structures. These elevators consume little energy, thus reducing real estate expenses.

Hybon Group can guide you in selecting the right elevator for your needs. As one of the top 10 lift companies in India, it has worked in diverse segments. Some include hotels, hospitals, schools, residential apartments, etc.

Kuljeet Singh Sehgal initiated the elevator & escalator division in 2013. Ever since then, the company has started gaining immense prominence. Seek consultation from Hybon for your requirement.

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