Elevator Myths and Misconceptions – Debunked

Elevator Myths and Misconceptions – Debunked

Elevators have a pivotal role in significant Indian sectors today. But even in today’s fast-paced era, people have several misconceptions about them, while others have a phobia. So, this post has come up with the most common elevator misconceptions and myths. Let’s distinguish them from the facts.

Myth 1: Lifts Can Plummet Different Floors Or Falls Down

The fact is modern lifts have speed governors installed in them. When it exceeds a given speed, the emergency brake stops the movement. Even during the loss of power, a lift would make a stop eventually. It does not go down the whole shaft.

Myth 2: Suffocation is Prevalent

Ask the best elevator company in India, and they will tell you that the reality is somewhat different. The lifts are not airtight. The minimum requirement is that the cab’s floor space should be at 2% vents. A few lifts come with AC or a heater. So, someone inside the elevator has a constant air supply.

Myth 3: Trapped in Doors

Modern-day lifts have different safety mechanisms. It prevents elevator doors from shutting when people exit or enter. They consist of sought-after technologies that inform the controller to prevent it from activating until the circuit gets completed.

Myth 4: Cable Failure

A lift with cables and a motor will have different cables holding them up. Modern cables hold twelve times the weight of a lift during times when passengers are full. So, if you worry about overloading the lift, it is time to eliminate such thoughts from your mind. The truth is that most elevators would not close the doors or move when the weight limit exceeds.

Want a Customised Lift for Specified Purposes?

While installing a lift, you need to consider the prime purpose first. Shall it lift customers, employees, products, or other equipment? Do you want to install it in your building’s loading dock, house’s back, main lobby, or parking garage? Demonstrate these essential aspects before choosing one of the top 10 lift companies in India.

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